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Valentine Nerdtacular Feelings

February 26, 2014 2 comments

n12-art-for-the-kickstarterWith all the talk of Nerdtacular, feelings have been stirring. And we mean the good and sad kind of feelings. We find it hard to express fully what Nerdtacular means when we explain to other people. The response that we get when we try to explain is a lukewarm “Oh so these are people you kinda know.”


9250227227_b119880858_zJ put it best when he said that Nerdtacular is our family reunion where you really, really like the family that you are hanging around. We’ve been totally in love with the event since we first started to attend in 2010. There are people at this event that we love with all our hearts. And the fact that most of our favorite people are gathered in one spot every year is our true dream.

This year, the Valentines will not be attending Nerdtacular. We knew we would be sad. We didn’t know how sad this would make us. We didn’t know how much we needed the hugs, personal conversations, and games of Cards against Humanity. Tears have been and will be shed from missing this year’s festivities.

9253006644_911d59554c_zNerdtacular is the event that we would sacrifice almost anything to get to. We will miss everyone with the heat of a 1000 suns. Nerdtacular drives us and helps us to get through until next year when we can do it again. We meet new people that we’ve only exchanged words with over Twitter/Facebook and we see old friends and we pick up from where we left off last year.


9250227035_8bd12ba63c_zThe events have always been secondary for Nerdtacular. The people have been primary for us. The people of the Frogpants community have small pieces of our hearts and even though we’ll be watching diligently over the entire two day event, nothing can replace us actually being there. If you are ever near Louisville just know you will always have a bed to lay your head at our house. Just give us a fair warning!



Have fun for us and pass the hugs all around.  The Valentines will be missing all of you.

Something akward hit me this morning

July 22, 2009 Leave a comment

So I was writing my blog today and while writing it I started playing “Don’t Stop Believing” cover by the Glee Cast. I’ve listened to the song plenty of times and I heard the lyrics. Its like if we switch the lyrics around I’m very much a small boy from Mt. Airy, NC and Renee she’s from the big city Louisville. To us small town folks that is very much a big city. Renee’s sister posted on her facebook how funny it is where life takes you and I commented “Tell me about it” I never thought I would be here in Louisville, KY with such an amazing woman and I’m happy.

So I have a question, are you thought you would be in life? Are you happy? What can you do to make your way to it?

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