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Another Awesome Thanksgiving

November 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Yet another Thanksgiving has passed and I’m so thankful for the things and person I have in my life. This will be our first one together since our big day. I love you Renee and I’m so thankful to have you in my life. You are so understanding, elegant and loving.

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Exhausted…but married!

November 23, 2009 Leave a comment

So I haven’t written in a while. The wedding stuff just got out of control crazy. But the day came, everything was awesome. And now I’m a wife. The wedding was yesterday but even after a bit of sleep plus a nap, I am still so tired. So I am about to lie down and cuddle with my husband and I will catch you all on the flip side.

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Enough of David Bowie for a Lifetime

November 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Yesterday was such a fantastic day that I had to blog about it. I have been getting more and more exciting about the wedding. I can’t believe I’ll be married in six days! I am so excited about it!

So yesterday was FULL of wedding stuff.

Dropped off our programs to be printed
We paid and talked to photographer for the final time.
Got engagement ring cleaned.
Paid and talked to caterer for the last time.
Talked to the cinnabon people mmmmm cinnabons.
I experimented with my makeup (fabulous if I must say so).
Did the leaves for the flower girl.
Tested out the Ustream for the wedding (which turned out great! If you don’t know about the Ustream for the wedding, be sure to send me a message! I love that people who aren’t close can participate!)

So after all that (which we got done by 4:00), it was time for our last official hot date as unmarried folk (J’s words). We had hummus and Shiraz salad at Shiraz Mediterranean Grill which was fabulous as always.

Then on to El Mundo’s to try that. It was ok but we’ll be back to try that quesadilla and burrito that the couple next to us had! They had a self service area and a table seating area. Of course the laid back people that we are, we ate at the self service area which was hilarious. Water out of a water cooler and grab your own forks and napkins. Let me say this, their margaritas are not for the faint of heart. More like sweet and sour flavored tequila. And I know my margaritas!

So after that, we went to the double feature at the Baxter Theater. First up: The Muppet Movie! I never knew that I would enjoy that movie so much as an adult. The jokes were just as snappy and catchy that I remember and I even laughed at parts I wouldn’t have as a kid. And what made it even more epic, the theater served frog legs before the show. Poor Kermit!

Then intermission (in which they bought Spinelli’s pizza for all), then it was time for…(drum roll) Labyrinth! With David Bowie’s crotch! Seriously, I have never seen so many crotch shots of the man! I had never seen it but It fit right in with the times that it was made. J told me it tanked at the box office which is so funny since it’s now a cult favorite. We were Hoggled J!

So it was a great night and the best last date as unmarried folk I have ever had (and my only one also!)

I hope after the wedding business dies down I can go back to my regularly scheduled posts. If I don’t post before Saturday, next time I talk to you I’ll be Mrs. Valentine! Yay!

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I Forgot About That Part

November 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Me: Let’s go get our marriage license today (since I’ve been procrastinating.)

Him: Sure! I’ll meet you there.

Me (standing in front of closed sign at Fiscal Court): I forgot government offices are closed on Veteran’s Day.

Him: *laughs and gives me a big hug*

We are officially going to be awesome together lol.

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With Glue and Glitter

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Discussing how many bottles of sparkling cider we need for the wedding.

Me: Yea, so we have about 9 tables so about 12 bottles should be good. I need to get flutes for everybody.

Him: and garland to put around them

Me: garland?

Him: Yeah. And we should design each flute.

Me: …

Him: with glue and glitter

Me: Ass

Him: Put everyone’s name on it. ^^

Me: /flips the bird

So I can be a little detailed oriented. :p Sue me!

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