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Episode 035 – Skyrim’d

The @Valentine Podcast Show Notes
Coming to you, from Louisville, KY!  It’s the @Valentine Podcast with your Skyrim’d couple, J and Renee Valentine.

Intro Music – Who Loves Me by Pretty Lights – http://www.prettylightsmusic.com/#/home

Today is Monday, November 14, 2011 and this is Episode 35!

Weekend Wrap-up

  • Traded in Games for a new Xbox
  • Jacket
  • Kim came to visit
  • Dad’s Veteran’s Day Tour

Tech (Gadgets, Computers, etc.)

Media (Movies, Games, Books, Television Shows, Music)

Food– Music (The Mancer’s Dilemma – Darren Knob – Bastion Original Soundtrack)

  • Kim’s Chili
  • BBQ Chicken Pizza
  • Sloppy Joes
  • Cheesy Pasta Bake
  • Donut Muffins
Odds and Ends
  • Shoutout to Allecia

Podcast of the Week (Until we run out of Podcasts)

  • Popspotting with Jen and Ryan – Thanks to Mohalen
  • Popspotting is a pop-culture blog and show by Jen and Ryan, long-time podcasters based in Hawaii. Popspotting covers movies, television, music, books, art, tech, and pop culture news. Reader and listener participation are a key part of the show, with regular and special segments, including contests and trivia.
  • @atvalentineblog podcast for you two to checkout is @popspotting Good people covering almost everything from Hawaii, recommend all episodes


  • Zerbious: Ok, if listening to the @atvalentineblog podcast doesn’t set this day right, I’m cashing in a mulligan and starting over.  @Aprillian Luckily its having the desired effect! Smile on my face and laughing as I work! @atvalentineblog
  • Allecia13: @atvalentineblog <hugs> 2 The Valentines! I listened 2 Mondays Mon night as hubby worked late & I power-leveled inscription. #lovevalentines

Contact Information
You can reach us by email at atvalentineblog@gmail.com. You can also see our blog at atvalentine.com.  The podcast Twitter feed is atvalentineblog.  J’s Twitter feed is theCaoboi and Renee’s twitter feed is theIceflow

Outro Music:  Heavy D – Got Me Waiting

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