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Episode 084 – Trekking

The Valentine Cast Show Notes

Coming to you, from Louisville, KY!  It’s the ValentineCast with your Trekking couple, J and Renee Valentine.

Intro Music – Who Loves Me by Pretty Lights – http://www.prettylightsmusic.com/#/home

Today is Monday, November 19, 2012 and this is Episode 84! We have with us the illustrious, the knowledgeable, the trekiest nerd to grace the Frogpants Network, Bearbutt/ AKA Darrell the Tip Giver/ AKA The Trek Nerd. Star Trek champion (1991). Co-host / writer of This Week in Trek, Trek Nerd on The Morning Stream. 3D Photographer. Award winning 3D animator. Sound editor.

Weekend Wrap-up

  • Clean up before trip
  • Napping on a Saturday!
  • Shopping Trip
  • Scavenging for food
  • Mom and Dad and Food

Tech (Gadgets, Computers, etc.)

  • 3D Photography – Darrell
  • Audio with Darrell

Media (Movies, Games, Books, Television Shows, Music)

  • Movies By Chance: Result: 54 – 96 – Fight Night
  • Movie for Next Week:
  • WoW ( Daaaaaaamn YOUOOOUUUU!)
  • Goodbye Revolution


  • Roasted Brussel Sprouts
  • Popcorn Talk
  • Weight Loss Update – Week 20
    • J : 1, 55.8
      • J’s new ring
    • Renee: 2.6 , 55.4
    • Total –  3.4; Grand Total: 111.2
    • Frogpants total – 1279.9 pounds for 199 people. That’s 8.89 pounds per person.

Odds and Ends (Bumper provided by Johnny Feisty)

  • Birthdays
    • Darrell my boss!
  • Anniversary
    • Butt’s!
    • Valentine’s!
  • Congrats to the Mr. and Mrs. Mely

Podcast of the Week (Until we run out of Podcasts)

Contact Information
You can reach us by email at thevalentinecast@gmail.com. You can also see our blog at valentinecast.com.  The podcast Twitter feed is ValentineCast. You can also call us at (415) 758-2278 Video can be seen at http://youtube.com/ValentineCast  J’s Twitter feed is theCaoboi and Renee’s twitter feed is theIceflow

Outro Music:  Pretty Lights – If I Gave You My Love from the Pretty Lights Music

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