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31 Weeks – Valentinecast Surprise Baby Shower

Valentine Mom


Last night, J and I got one of the surprises of our lives. A month or so ago, our awesome friend Kim Price said she wanted to come on our show June 9th to make an announcement. She wouldn’t tell us what what it was but we love having her on the show in general so of course we agreed. We tried guessing but she kept her lips tightly shut! We guessed she’s getting married, moving, having kids, etc. Nothing!

June 9th arrives and by text earlier that day, she tells us she’s nervous. Now we are really stumped. Why would she be nervous? We call her on Skype and shit talk for a little bit before the show (we love that chick.) There are sooooo many people in chat room but I didn’t think anything of it because it’s Kim! Of course there would be a lot of people…

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