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Episode 024 – Magnificent

August 22, 2011 1 comment
The @Valentine Podcast Show notes
[audio|titles=Episode 024 – Magnificent]
Coming to you, from Louisville, KY!  It’s the @Valentine Podcast with your magnificent couple, J and Renee Valentine.Intro Music – Who Loves Me by Pretty Lights – is Monday, August 22, 2011 and this is Episode 24!

Weekend Wrap-up

  • Relaxing
  • Movies and Merriment
  • Late night Food run
  • AIE Podcast

Tech(Gadgets, Computers, etc.)

  • HP selling off their PC line
  • iPhone 5 and iPad 3
  • Headphones dilemma and getting “another set of spares”

Media(Movies, Games, Books, Television Shows)

  • Source Code
  • The Help
  • Ray (Extended Edition!)
  • Southbounders
  • Blockbuster Sale
  • Movie Bucket List
  • WoW (more than anything) Shadow Priest and Hunter
  • Bastion (J got the one off steam with soundtrack.)
  • From Dust
  • Uncharted 2 Arrived
  • Hawthorne

Food– Music (In Case of Trouble – Darren Knob, Bastion OS)

Odds and Ends

  • Sammie’s Cone Collar

Podcast of the Week(Until we run out of Podcasts)


  • Allecia13: @atvalentineblog Catching up again, listening to Ep 10 about the big truck. I used to have a Silverado. I LOVE big trucks! lol; @atvalentineblog *never* too sappy! (I know I’m crazy late, but I dont care, never too sappy!) :D; @atvalentineblog Re Ep 11 I giggled at your cup of tea joke J. lol 🙂 (I ❤ puns tho, always have!)
  • Tedra64: I sure do enjoy listening to @atvalentineblog
  • Rigarmorty: @Tedra64 I know, @atvalentineblog is co awsome show! Just catching up with the latest in the rain digging on the allotment lol
  • Tedra64: @Rigarmorty yeah @atvalentineblog always makes smile. I love it when they tease each other & when they taste something new,especially if bad

Contact Information
You can reach us by email at You can also see our blog at  The podcast Twitter feed is atvalentineblog.  J’s Twitter feed is theCaoboi and Renee’s twitter feed is theIceflow

Outro Music: – “Stereo Hearts” by Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine

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