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Girl Talk: Talk To Me!

January 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Renee: So J and I love this artist called Girl Talk.  You know how you just love something so much you just want to tell everybody about it?  Yea, it’s kinda like that.  He’s a mashup artist that will take all kinds of song and do a mashup with them.  We heard about him on NPR of all places about his then new album, Feed the Animals.  The sample that they played was just a mild version of what the album was all about and the love has grown even stronger with his new album, All Day.

J: The thing about this guy is that he takes songs that you may know and mashes these songs up with songs you may not have ever heard. Like a perfect example is his mashing the song, “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama and “One” by Metallica and making it sound amazing! There is such a great following for him.  It’s almost like an egg hunt to find songs that are contained in his mashups and people have done spreadsheets that break them down. The spreadsheet linked is from I know one of the things I love is the fact that every time I listen to his albums is that it’s like listening to a different album each time.

Renee: Yea it seamlessly goes from one song to another.  I think I’ve listened to the album more than 20 times so far.  So imagine our surprise when we found out he was coming in town.  I purposely avoided looking at any concerts on You Tube because I wanted to be surprised when I got there.  Apparently dressing like sluts from the 80s is the norm for his concerts.  Who knew?  But the excitement and energy was amazing.  I felt like the crowd was going to just take off into space.  Sounds weird, yea i know.  I loved all of it.  But I think J didn’t like every part of the concert.

J: This is true and it was mostly to the fact that the sound guy for the opening act was absolutely horrible and had the sounds levels stupidly loud.  He was very much an amateur in my opinon.  I will not let his stupidity ruin this post. I really did enjoy the concert and, being who I am, I watched some YouTube videos and I will say this. The videos do no justice! You have to see it in person! It is simply amazing!

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