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Final Fantasy X, ya’ll. Again

Renee: I’m a huge fan of the Final Fantasy franchise, as a lot of you all know. I started with VIII, went back to VII, beat IX quickly and I was ready for a new Final Fantasy to feast my eyeballs on.  And, boy, did they deliver.

Final Fantasy X was a groundbreaking game in the Final Fantasy series. Up until then, all the games had no voice acting. All cut scenes featured text that had to be read. Final Fantasy changed up the game by having voice acting for the first time. Like a lot of people, I was skeptical at first, but it won me over quickly. It made the story more intriguing and it definitely brought you into the world better. And the voice acting was pretty good too.

Cue 2013.  Final Fantasy X is back in a beautiful way. Square Enix has released a new version of Final Fantasy X and it’s spin off X-2.

J: Final Fantasy has always been one of those titles that I never got a chance to dig into. I’ve played other JRPGs, like Phantasy Star.  I’ll admit, with my lack of time I never got to go back. A couple of years ago, Renee and I decided to dig into the MMO that’s now in beta for a “re-release”. You would think that would have turned me off from the franchise since it clearly wasn’t ready to be released. In fact, it did the opposite! I saw the potential and I know there must be a reason why it has so many fans.

About a month ago I had a strong desire to play an RPG and I searched and searched iTunes for an RPG to play on my iPad Mini. I tried a few. Then Renee told me that there was a PC version of Final Fantasy VII! I ran straight to Square-Enix to grab it! Now I just need to find more time to play it! I look forward to what I’ve seen in the first few hours of play.

Renee: It looks gorgeous and it’s got me pumped up. Not that I need another game to play but you know I’ll play it! Check out the gorgeous trailer below. Take my money!

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