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There’s No “Rift” Between Us

March 5, 2011 1 comment

Iceflow and Caoboi in Meridian. Click for larger size.

Renee: Sorry it has been so long since we’ve posted.  But I can blame it squarely on the subject of this post.  Oh Rift…Rift…Rift.  What can I say?  I love the world.  Rift is a brand new MMORPG by the mostly unheard of game developer Trion.  It’s set in the fantasy world of Telara.  I played a bit in the open beta and J and I decided to make the leap into the headstart.  I immediately was in love with it.  The art is fantastic.  I bought a horse mount in game and I couldn’t stop staring.  the muscles rippled and my character actually held the reins.  She even rode the horse differently than she rode her two-headed turtle.  That’s a huge sell for me.

J: The gist of the game is you are a soul of a Hero that’s been saved by the gods or captured by technology (depending on your faction) and you are sent back in time to stop the big bad guy, Romulus. While you are there, there are “Rifts” of different elements (Life, Water, Fire, Death) that open and they are coming to stop you from saving the future. These rifts bring enemies with them, so you can work with a group of people via their public system to get these rifts closed. You receive tokens, prizes for closing these rifts. These rifts are almost to a liking of an alien invasion. When a major rift event happens you can see rifts as far as you can see. You get a feeling like they are coming for you and you must stop them. The graphics are amazing and the water, landscape looks very real and believable.

Renee: So J and I have been playing like we play any MMO together.  Make a character and quest.  There are so many builds you can have within one character, I can easily change between tank and DPS and J can just as easily change between healer and DPS.  The Rift system is amazing and we both have a hard time ignoring one that opens right in front of us.  Everything is new and shiny and not without a few flaws but it’s still fun.  We found a community that we are familiar with to spend time with in-game and that has made all the difference.

J: Like with any MMO that’s what makes the game. The community and having like-minded folks that play along with you. I also must say Trion took elements from MMOs that have been out that made them fun and cool and put them together in this one. Very smart move I must say. So you are probably asking, “Do we still play World of Warcraft?” We will say yes we still do as our friends we raid with are still raiding and we raid with them. That’s what we do together with are friends from the Not in the Face raid team. If we weren’t raiding I can say we probably would be taking a slight break. We’ve been playing WoW for a very long time and that’s where Renee and I met each other so it has a special place in our hearts.

If you’re looking for something new, polished and exciting and you love fantasy I say give this game a try! We only wish there was a Mac client so our Apple friends could play along with us!

Minecraft: I’m Crafting What?

February 10, 2011 1 comment


Renee: So one of the latest game crazes around the nation (how lame did that intro sound?) is the game Minecraft.  J and I purchased this months ago but we never really got into it.  A couple of weeks ago we got back into it because we realized we can play on each other’s servers.  Basically Minecraft is a simple concept.  You can mine anything in the entire game and then you use the materials you get to create new items.  You place the materials in the basic shape of what you want to make it.  So to make a mine pick, you put two pieces of wood in a straight line with stone on either side.

J: So sounds pretty cool right? I know what you are thinking, “Legos”, right? Well let’s add a little excitement. A little time limit on having to build a shelter before night fall before the spiders, creepers and zombies…wait…what? Yes zombies, folks, will come out and attack you. These zombies and creepers pop out of any place that is dark. So you have to be quick to get that first shelter built before night falls so you can come back out and start building your land! This is survival ya’ll!

Crafting in Minecraft

Renee: So that’s Minecraft in a nutshell.  The multiplayer is what really grabs me in this game.  There are servers with 20 or 30 people building a whole world.  This game is all about what you can create and your imagination is the limit.  The game is technically in beta now and it currently costs $20.  Try it out and you’ll be surprised at how immersed you get in it.

J: Remember to use your imagination and there are few limits to what you can build in Minecraft have fun building!

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