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Minecraft: I’m Crafting What?


Renee: So one of the latest game crazes around the nation (how lame did that intro sound?) is the game Minecraft.  J and I purchased this months ago but we never really got into it.  A couple of weeks ago we got back into it because we realized we can play on each other’s servers.  Basically Minecraft is a simple concept.  You can mine anything in the entire game and then you use the materials you get to create new items.  You place the materials in the basic shape of what you want to make it.  So to make a mine pick, you put two pieces of wood in a straight line with stone on either side.

J: So sounds pretty cool right? I know what you are thinking, “Legos”, right? Well let’s add a little excitement. A little time limit on having to build a shelter before night fall before the spiders, creepers and zombies…wait…what? Yes zombies, folks, will come out and attack you. These zombies and creepers pop out of any place that is dark. So you have to be quick to get that first shelter built before night falls so you can come back out and start building your land! This is survival ya’ll!

Crafting in Minecraft

Renee: So that’s Minecraft in a nutshell.  The multiplayer is what really grabs me in this game.  There are servers with 20 or 30 people building a whole world.  This game is all about what you can create and your imagination is the limit.  The game is technically in beta now and it currently costs $20.  Try it out and you’ll be surprised at how immersed you get in it.

J: Remember to use your imagination and there are few limits to what you can build in Minecraft have fun building!

  1. Kakkal
    February 11, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    I’m on teh internetz!!!

    Great game though, in all seriousness. 😀

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