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Weekend Wrapup: 02/18/2011-02/20/2011

February 21, 2011 3 comments

  • Renee watched Fistful of Dollars for the first time.  Pretty good for a movie made in the sixties.  Clint is the badass of his time.  Loved that he had no back story but yet he cleansed the whole time.
  • Watched about four episodes of 24.  This series is so easy to watch one and then another…then another…then another.  You keep wanting to see how Jack will get out of this time.  Excellently done even with all the bloopers that we found.
  • Played Rift which we will talk about coming up.  Rift is a ton of fun even though there are so many abilities you can have.  The art is gorgeous and there’s no pressure.  We just enjoy myself in that game.
  • Renee managed to get through another series in her comic collection that she’s behind on.  She finished up Dark Avengers.  She loved this story arc.  It’s almost like the dirty side of the Avengers.  Maybe the dark side of the regular Avengers.
  • We went to Indianapolis to eat at Big Bub’s Burgers and Ice Cream.  The burgers are great, the waffle fries with bacon, cheese and sour cream were amazing, and the cinnamon crumb ice cream was decadent.  We’ll be back.  Even with those creepy statues.
  • We raided Friday and Saturday with the best raid team I’ve ever had.  We made a bit of progression with the boss that we wanted to but didn’t really get him down.  Even if we didn’t, we still had tons of fun.  Thanks for all the laughs, Not in the Face.
  • J started reading “Machine of Death” this is a pretty good compilation of short stories that revolves around people that know what their cause of death is going to be but do not know when it will happen. You should check it out it’s creepy and causes some laughter.
  • J played some Minecrarft on Sunday and figured out the “cart exploit” on making the minecart go faster and not have to use a powered minecart.
  • J tried to help a lady with her groceries in Carmel, Indiana but she looked at me funny as if I was going to steal her bread. (See the bullet above about the creepy statues)
  • We got our Outloand Dungeon Hero achievment this weekend. It didn’t take us long. I just want to thank Blizzard for making me redo them all over again! (sarcasm)
  • J purchased “You Don’t Know Jack” for the XBOX360 this weekend and played Nate with it. That game is fun and the humor is awesome. Look for a review at a later date. I definite party game!

Minecraft: I’m Crafting What?

February 10, 2011 1 comment


Renee: So one of the latest game crazes around the nation (how lame did that intro sound?) is the game Minecraft.  J and I purchased this months ago but we never really got into it.  A couple of weeks ago we got back into it because we realized we can play on each other’s servers.  Basically Minecraft is a simple concept.  You can mine anything in the entire game and then you use the materials you get to create new items.  You place the materials in the basic shape of what you want to make it.  So to make a mine pick, you put two pieces of wood in a straight line with stone on either side.

J: So sounds pretty cool right? I know what you are thinking, “Legos”, right? Well let’s add a little excitement. A little time limit on having to build a shelter before night fall before the spiders, creepers and zombies…wait…what? Yes zombies, folks, will come out and attack you. These zombies and creepers pop out of any place that is dark. So you have to be quick to get that first shelter built before night falls so you can come back out and start building your land! This is survival ya’ll!

Crafting in Minecraft

Renee: So that’s Minecraft in a nutshell.  The multiplayer is what really grabs me in this game.  There are servers with 20 or 30 people building a whole world.  This game is all about what you can create and your imagination is the limit.  The game is technically in beta now and it currently costs $20.  Try it out and you’ll be surprised at how immersed you get in it.

J: Remember to use your imagination and there are few limits to what you can build in Minecraft have fun building!

Chuy’s, it’s one helluva drug!

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

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J: Have you ever been to a restaurant where they exceed your expectations? I mean everything from cost, taste, service and atmosphere? If you haven’t and you love Tex Mex let me introduce you to “Chuy’s”. This place opened here in Louisville in November I believe and it’s simply amazing! Their thing is, is that they make all of their salsa, sauces, fixin’s and other things fresh that morning from fresh materials. Their tortillas are freshly hand rolled as well! Yes they have folks at the little grill hand rolling tortillas!!

Renee: That’s just because your standard for an excellent Mexican restaurant is that it has to have folks hand rolling tortillas.  You all should have seen him.  He grinned from ear to ear when he saw that.  But J’s right.  Chuy’s is our go to place for eating out when we can’t think of another place immediately.  There is tons of seating but it still fills up quickly during lunch or dinner.  The decor is Vegas meets old person’s house.  My favorite is the Tacos Al Carbon.  It’s basically fajitas but already prepacked in two soft flour (J: hand rolled, fixed that for ya babe) tortillas.  I absolutely love these and I can’t help but eat both of them.  Plus it helps that it’s under $10.  J usually goes for the spicier fare however.

J: You know it! I get the Steak Burrito that’s as big as my head! with the Green Chile Rice and Charro beans! It’s just the right heat! Enough for me to sweat and sniff but really enjoy it. This last time I went I got the Beef Fajitas and Renee can tell you I don’t do the fajitas often but they were good! I had enough to make 5 tacos and oh my goodness I didn’t finish my rice and beans! I have to say this place is amazing and I knew it was when we went on Saturday, came home and was like “We’re going tomorrow”.

Renee: That’s right, we went two days in a row.  Two days!  I don’t think I’ve done that with a restaurant in..well..ever!  The wait staff recognizes us which is slightly embarrassing on my part but the food is too good to pass up.  Whoever decided to open a Chuy’s in Louisville made a great choice.  Now do you see what you all have done?  We give you content about a fabulous Tex Mex restaurant and you make me hungry for more Chuy’s.  Ah well, I must get my fix in the next couple of weeks.  I know I can never go wrong when J asks me what I want to eat and I suggest Chuy’s.  This is clearly our favorite place and has held the top spot for a couple of months.

Service: Good service most of the time.  I’ve had a few duds but overall they are there to fill drinks, fill up our chip basket, and offer dessert.  8 out of 10.

Food Quality: Amazing.  Everything tastes like it’s supposed to and I’ve never had a bad experience.  Can’t rave enough about it.  10 out of 10.

Environment: It’s a little all over the place and it can get a little distracting but it definitely screams fun.  9 out of 10

Cost: Most of the dishes range between $8 and $15.  Very reasonable and definitely easy on the wallet.

Overall: In this case, the sum is greater than the parts.  The overall experience warrants a 10 out of 10.

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